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10B Drop party 2013 Announcement
Topic Started: Sunday Oct 20 2013, 11:57 AM (2,350 Views)

Hey! Hope you don't mind if i advertise a bit
about this giveaway, because my friend Joopii is
paying me a bit for spreading word about this :p

Anyways, "Joopii", also known as TwistyFC, is hosting
a 10b drop party on livestream this Christmas!
Here is a link for the video, where you can see the exact
information about this giveaway.

Good luck for the drop party if you join :)
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Silent Death

Listen, I don't mind you posting your original topic. I doubt any of our remaining members will go, but its better than nothing. However, if you keep posting multiple topics about it, I will ban you.
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[19:44:32] * Kirbypenguin has an orgasm
[19:44:38] Lakster37: phew just in time :P
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[19:44:53] Kirbypenguin: LOL

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(23:15:37) <%`Neo> ur gay
(23:15:39) <%`Neo> ..
(23:16:04) <@Lakster37> I told you Dark, no matter how many times you say that, I WON'T SLEEP WITH YOU!

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