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Please read the Instinct Clan Rules found below before registering a forum account. When you are finished, click "I Agree" at the bottom of the page to be taken to the next step of the registration process.

General Rules:
  • No flaming individuals. If someone wishes to act childishly towards you, don't reduce yourself to their level. If you flame another member, you will receive a warning level.

  • No begging. This includes begging for money or item lending, begging for someone to do something for you (such as letting you into the Waterbirth Dungeon), or begging for a certain position in the clan.

  • Respect and obey Instinct Staff, including Leaders, War Lords, and Elders.

  • Language is not an issue in this clan, you may curse if you like (but try not to curse at other members), but do NOT use racist or sexist slurs. If someone finds something offensive and asks you to stop, please respect their request. Additionally, do not discuss illegal actions in public chats such as drug use. If you really feel that you need to discuss issues of this nature, do so in a private message.

  • Listen to and look out for all Instinct members.

  • No multi-clanning. If we discover that you are in another clan, you will be kicked immediately! Everyone is expected to be dedicated to Instinct, and if you're multi-clanning, there's no way you can be.
    (Exceptions to this include GWD clans, PC clans, SW clans, etc.).

In-Game Rules:
  • You must obey all Jagex rules, if we find out that you are not, you will be kicked from the clan.

  • Please make a sincere effort to be on the Clan Chat (Got Instinct) as much as possible - try to be on it any time you are online unless you need to be in a different Clan Chat for some reason (i.e. God Wars Dungeon). Additionally, remember to use our IRC channel (#Instinct) which can be accessed from Swift Kit, our IRC client which can be found on our side navigation bar, or any IRC client using irc.swiftirc.net as the server.

  • Enjoy yourself! After all, everyone plays RuneScape to have fun.

Forum-Specific Rules:
  • No spamming (unnecessary posting)! Bumping or one word posts will not be tolerated. Also, do not double post - use the edit button instead.

  • Keep discussion in specific topics. Do not deliberately post something meant to bring conversation off topic. Create topics in the proper forums.

  • Let us know if you are leaving for an extended period of time or have any other problems that will affect your activity in the clan by posting in the Timeout forum.

  • Keep signature sizes small enough that they do not stretch a standard screen (400[h] x 600[w] is the absolute maximum).